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Deerskin motorcycle gloves with a patented wedge design

All sizes of gloves are £34.99 delivered

The gloves come in 4 sizes which are Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.  To check the size for your hand you need to measure the circumference at the base of your knuckles. i.e. with your hand flat and using a flexible measuring tape, measure around your hand just underneath your knuckles.

These gloves are made from American deerskin to a patented design and fabricated in China. We import these from the states.
The patented wedge design is used in our deerskin motorcycle gloves, also known as "Wedge" gloves due to the distinctive wedge shaped piece of leather in the side of each finger.  The design pre-curves the fingers of the glove and this provides several benefits.  The design also allows the use of thicker, longer lasting leather while providing a better feel and comfort level.
Why a pre-curved finger?

  • Greatly reduced resistance to closing of hand
  • Reduction of leather bulk inside creating a smoother wear surface
  • Less wear fatigue due to easier grip
  • No rough surface to cause pain and blisters
  • Longer wear life due to smooth wear surface

Why are most leather motorcycle gloves made from thin leather?
Thin leather is used in most motorcycle gloves because it is necessary to make a semi-comfortable glove using a standard glove design.  Even the standard pre-curved finger designs must use a four panel finger design which won't accommodate thicker longer wearing leather because there are four seams in each finger.  These four seams can create tremendous bulk when a heavier leather is used.  Thin leather also helps to reduce the bulk inside the hand when gripping.  Our design eliminates these problems so we are able to use a thicker longer lasting leather while providing better comfort.
What is the best leather for motorcycle gloves?Deerskin is by far the best leather for use in a motorcycle glove.  Deerskin offers softness combined with the very best wear life.  Deerskin, as opposed to other leathers can get wet and with very little use will again retain its softness where cowhide, goat, sheep, and others will become stiff, hard, and very uncomfortable.  All motorcycle gloves could be improved with our patented design regardless of materials but we decided to use deerskin because of its superior qualities.

Short Cuff Gloves

These shortie style gloves do not have armour or protection like Kevlar built into them just 100% Deerskin leather. In my mind they are ideal for summer riding on your cruiser motorcycle (Easy rider style gloves). Also ideal gloves for car driving and I am told, weightlifting.

The wedge design in the fingers stops that uncomfortable 'bunching' of the leather when you wrap your fingers around the handlebar grips. These are the most comfortable gloves I have ever worn. I use them on my bike and for driving.

  • 8" to 8.5" = Small
  • 8.5" to 9" = Medium
  • 9" to 9.5" = Large
  • 9.5" to 10" = XLarge